Prioritize School safety

Our schools do a great job of ensuring our children’s safety, but great isn’t good enough. A focus on school culture that supports mental health while increasing physical safety ...



Ensure Early College and Career Preparedness
Too many students enter college focused on disciplines that are lowering in demand. ...


Cultivate Deeper Partnerships with our Community

Toddlers learn to walk by being amongst others who are upright and walking. Chefs learn to cook ...


I will work to ensure that our schools are safer, our outcomes are smarter, and our programs are stronger.

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ABOUT Seko Varner

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Having a heart for education since 1990, Seko Varner describes himself as an Edu-Tainer, which blends the terms, Educator and Entertainer. Seko follows a mission of improving the lives of others.  He currently runs his entertainment firm, directs a youth mentorship program named The Golden Fold, volunteers with Green Run High School, and works as a One-Stop Operator for the Hampton Roads Workforce Development Board.

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